Knots & Such


Knots & Such, by Alicia Mosesso

Hi everyone! My name is Alicia Mosesso and I am the owner of Knots & Such. I live and create all my pieces in a suburb just outside of Boston, Massachusetts.

I started this brand and company based on my love for creating macrame pieces that perfectly accent your space. I fell in love with the process of creating these pieces from start to finish - from getting supplies, to throwing on some music (usually John Mayer or Gavin Degraw), to measuring the rope, to zoning in and tying knot after knot after knot until the piece is complete.

There are two things I strive for: to create the perfect piece for you, and to inspire along the way. I hope to inspire you to pursue your passions, follow your dreams and do something you love every single day, as this is what this brand does for me.

Thank you so much for accompanying me on this journey!