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 Knots & Such Owner Alicia Mosesso

Knots & Such Owner Alicia Mosesso

Hi there!

I'm Alicia, nice to meet you! I launched Knots & Such on my grandmother's birthday, January 9th 2018, shortly after I tried m a c r a m e for the first time and simply put - fell in love. I fell in love with the entire process from start to finish - gathering the perfect supplies, throwing on some music, and zoning in while hand-tying knot after knot after knot until each piece is complete.

You could say the desire to c r e a t e has always been instilled in me, deep down. My family came to America from a villa in Abruzzo, Italy - my great grandmother, before her passing, used to knit beautiful & intricate blankets in her family's home in Boston, and to this day my grandmother sews clothing and works on various projects. They both hold such a special place in my heart and are a big part of the inspiration behind Knots & Such.

What l i g h t s me up? Creating the perfect piece for you to accent the space you love. There is nothing I love more than creating a macrame piece, feeling and seeing someone's reaction upon receiving their piece, and seeing the piece in its new home.

I live and create all my pieces in a quaint little suburb just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Each piece from the collection or that you custom order will be hand-made by me, in my home, with love.